Astrology and Personal Relationships

Humans are social beings, and relationships are perhaps the most important aspect of life. Personal Relationships or business relations, all hold value in today’s’ world. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the aspects of personal relationships that can be studied and influenced by astrology.

The alignment of Venus

Venus is a planet which is known to have a direct impact on the people we meet in our life. It affects the kind of social circle we will have and also influences how many people we meet, that can open our lives to new opportunities.

According to a birth chart an astrologer can predict the general relationships of an individual, but with each changing year the alignment of Venus will change, and that will have a direct impact on our social circle.

The relationship with our family is also dependent on planets. The planet which has the most influence varies from person to person. An astrologer can predict what kind of home environment will a child live in and the support he or she will get from his parents. This can also predict the environment for the child’s maternal as well as paternal family.

If a person is married then, planet charts can be used to predict the relationship with the family of the spouse.

Relationship with the Married Partner

Marriage Astrology is one of the most famous and most requested forms of astrology. It can be used to predict the quality of the wedding, the well-being of both the individuals after the wedding and the monetary growth as a couple.

Many Indian families, follow the practice of Kundli matching before the marriage of the couple. This compares the planetary alignment of both the individuals and predicts how well will they do as a couple.

Astrology can also be used to predict if a marriage will be successful or what are the chance of getting divorced. Looking at some birth charts, astrologers can predict if a person has higher chances of getting multiple times, and some rectifying remedies can be prescribed.

Before getting married, astrology can also predict the number of opposite sex partners an individual will have. Astrology can even predict the ‘sex life’ of a person.

A happy marriage can be achieved through proper consultation

A happy marriage can be achieved through proper consultation

Most marriages go through ups and downs, but sometimes little quarrels can turn into ugly disputes between the couples. In such cases, astrology can play an important role. Remedies can be performed to reduce the negative feelings in the couple and also boost the sense of love. It can bring in the all the ‘spice of marriage,’ and prevent any harm.

Sometimes the health of individuals gets affected after the wedding, and again remedies can be used for the betterment of quality of life.

Also, in some rare cases, if a person is suffering from a marriage due to inappropriate behavior of the partner and is in depression, then after consulting an astrologer, appropriate action can be taken that helps the individual to get out of that marriage and resume their life in a positive manner.

So it is evident, that astrology can play a vital role in personal relationships and if used correctly remedies can help improve the quality of relationships of an individual. In the next article, we will discuss how astrology can be used by married couples for their child.


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