Astrology and Personal Relationships

Humans are social beings, and relationships are perhaps the most important aspect of life. Personal Relationships or business relations, all hold value in today’s’ world. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the aspects of personal relationships that can be studied and influenced by astrology.

The alignment of Venus

Venus is a planet which is known to have a direct impact on the people we meet in our life. It affects the kind of social circle we will have and also influences how many people we meet, that can open our lives to new opportunities.

According to a birth chart an astrologer can predict the general relationships of an individual, but with each changing year the alignment of Venus will change, and that will have a direct impact on our social circle.

The relationship with our family is also dependent on planets. The planet which has the most influence varies from person to person. An astrologer can predict what kind of home environment will a child live in and the support he or she will get from his parents. This can also predict the environment for the child’s maternal as well as paternal family.

If a person is married then, planet charts can be used to predict the relationship with the family of the spouse.

Relationship with the Married Partner

Marriage Astrology is one of the most famous and most requested forms of astrology. It can be used to predict the quality of the wedding, the well-being of both the individuals after the wedding and the monetary growth as a couple.

Many Indian families, follow the practice of Kundli matching before the marriage of the couple. This compares the planetary alignment of both the individuals and predicts how well will they do as a couple.

Astrology can also be used to predict if a marriage will be successful or what are the chance of getting divorced. Looking at some birth charts, astrologers can predict if a person has higher chances of getting multiple times, and some rectifying remedies can be prescribed.

Before getting married, astrology can also predict the number of opposite sex partners an individual will have. Astrology can even predict the ‘sex life’ of a person.

A happy marriage can be achieved through proper consultation

A happy marriage can be achieved through proper consultation

Most marriages go through ups and downs, but sometimes little quarrels can turn into ugly disputes between the couples. In such cases, astrology can play an important role. Remedies can be performed to reduce the negative feelings in the couple and also boost the sense of love. It can bring in the all the ‘spice of marriage,’ and prevent any harm.

Sometimes the health of individuals gets affected after the wedding, and again remedies can be used for the betterment of quality of life.

Also, in some rare cases, if a person is suffering from a marriage due to inappropriate behavior of the partner and is in depression, then after consulting an astrologer, appropriate action can be taken that helps the individual to get out of that marriage and resume their life in a positive manner.

So it is evident, that astrology can play a vital role in personal relationships and if used correctly remedies can help improve the quality of relationships of an individual. In the next article, we will discuss how astrology can be used by married couples for their child.


7 Ways in which Astrology Can Transform your Career

If there is one segment of life where astrology and remedies can help a person is there career. In the last article we discussed how, according to different planetary positions, the strong aspects of our personality could be predicted.

Similarly, the birth chart can also predict in what areas does that individual hold greater chance of succeeding.
For example, with Jupiter in the 4th house, a person has a magnificent brain and tends to be analytical and methodological in life.

So it is evident that astrology can be used efficiently in astrology. Here are seven ways in which astrology can be used for your career.

  1. Predicting your Strength

According to your birth chart, an astrologer can identify the areas where you are likely to have a strong hold. For example, one person might have strong analytical capabilities, or strong mental and willpower. Careers can be sought after adhering to these qualities.

  1. Prediction your Profession

By taking into account the strengths and astrologer can also pinpoint to professions. For example, a strong Jupiter indicates that a person will do well as a businessman or leadership roles.

Predicting Profession

A strong Mercury will indicate that a person will do well in jobs involving communication. So based on strengths and the most dominant planet, predictions can be made on which profession can bring the most fruitful results.

  1. Giving Strength to a Planet

If a person is already working, then according to his or her profession remedies can be performed for a planet. If a person is running his own business then strength can be given to planet Jupiter so that more opportunities are opened, and at the same time, the person can observe greater information.

So if a person is already working, remedies can be performed for the planet that has the maximum influence on that planet.

  1. Better Repo

One of the necessities of working in today’s’ work environment is to maintain a good repo with your colleagues. Some people struggle to do so, and then remedies can come to their assistance. A good astrologer can advise remedies for Planet Mercury, that improve relationships and also creates opportunities for the individual to get noticed by the bosses.

  1. Switching Careers

If you are tired of your job and foresee that your career is going nowhere, it is highly recommended that you change your career path. But such a daunting task can be difficult to undertake.

The remedies can help you to do the same and create the right foundation for your next career. Mukesh Gupta, an astrologer in India, is known to help professionals through this transition. He prescribes Lal Kitab Remedies for Career that are easy to do and can bring fruitful results.

  1. Promotion or Growth

Using astrology, you can predict when you can expect to receive career growth or development. There are few remedies that can also help you in getting a promotion. Similar remedies can be used by businessmen to give a boost to their sales or expand their market.

So these are the six ways in which Astrology can help your career. If you have stories of your own, then do share them below in the comment section. Next time around we are talking how about how astrology can help you in your personal relationships.

How does Astrology Work?

We would like to start with the basics here. In this article, we get to the core of astrology giving you insights on how it works and what are the potential upsides of using this as a science.

Astrology studies the motion of planets, the moon and stars. It also analysis the impact each of these has on an individual or a group. The roots of astrology have a belief that planetary alignments that we are born with are based on the past Karma. Our karma also lines the opportunities that will come our way or the difficulties we would have to face in the present life.

Using your birth details, an astrologer draws your ‘chart’ that effectively gives an idea of the kind of life you will be living in this world. It helps him identify your strong points and areas where you might struggle in life.

How can this help?

Using the information above, a learned astrologer can guide an individual, by letting him know the career that would be the best for him, his strengths upon which he can work and the weaknesses which he needs to address.

But chances of finding a good astrologer when a child is born is exceedingly rare. So at a later stage how can astrology help a person?

A detailed video on the benfits of astrology –

Well, your foreseeable future can be predicted. You can be guided if you need to switch careers or change your mode of business. It can also foretell the problems which you might face shortly.

It gives an individual a power of knowing what might happen in the future and prepares him for that.

But apart from all the predictive nature of astrology, it can also be used to rectify certain problems.

Now astrology as a science was developed by ancient gurus in India, who suggested certain corrective measures that can be used to improve the standard of living and be better equipped for the challenges that life will throw at you. The technical term for such corrective actions is ‘remedy.’

What is a Remedy?

Remedies are used to addressing the negative influence that a particular planet has in your life. The negative impact of that planet often hinders you from achieving your targets or has an adverse impact on your health or relationships. So using remedies, you can somehow, reduce the effect and also bring in more positivity to your life.

There are tons of remedies prescribed, and you can also find many mantras that can be read to achieve something in a particular field. The combination of such remedies and mantras helps an individual to unlock their full potential and bolt towards the goals in their life. But it is equally important to use remedies that are required in your case. If you use something that doesn’t directly impact your ‘negative planet’ then it can lead to fresh problems, that would have to be addressed.

So it is highly recommended that you take advice from a trusted and learned astrologer who uses his skill for good.

Finally, one must also understand, that astrology is not a magic and if one doesn’t put in any effort for the improvement of his or her life, then you can hope to see major changes through remedies.

In the next article, we cover 7 ways in which astrology can help your career. Fell free to share your thoughts, about this article in the comments, and do share this article with your friends and family.