How does Astrology Work?

We would like to start with the basics here. In this article, we get to the core of astrology giving you insights on how it works and what are the potential upsides of using this as a science.

Astrology studies the motion of planets, the moon and stars. It also analysis the impact each of these has on an individual or a group. The roots of astrology have a belief that planetary alignments that we are born with are based on the past Karma. Our karma also lines the opportunities that will come our way or the difficulties we would have to face in the present life.

Using your birth details, an astrologer draws your ‘chart’ that effectively gives an idea of the kind of life you will be living in this world. It helps him identify your strong points and areas where you might struggle in life.

How can this help?

Using the information above, a learned astrologer can guide an individual, by letting him know the career that would be the best for him, his strengths upon which he can work and the weaknesses which he needs to address.

But chances of finding a good astrologer when a child is born is exceedingly rare. So at a later stage how can astrology help a person?

A detailed video on the benfits of astrology –

Well, your foreseeable future can be predicted. You can be guided if you need to switch careers or change your mode of business. It can also foretell the problems which you might face shortly.

It gives an individual a power of knowing what might happen in the future and prepares him for that.

But apart from all the predictive nature of astrology, it can also be used to rectify certain problems.

Now astrology as a science was developed by ancient gurus in India, who suggested certain corrective measures that can be used to improve the standard of living and be better equipped for the challenges that life will throw at you. The technical term for such corrective actions is ‘remedy.’

What is a Remedy?

Remedies are used to addressing the negative influence that a particular planet has in your life. The negative impact of that planet often hinders you from achieving your targets or has an adverse impact on your health or relationships. So using remedies, you can somehow, reduce the effect and also bring in more positivity to your life.

There are tons of remedies prescribed, and you can also find many mantras that can be read to achieve something in a particular field. The combination of such remedies and mantras helps an individual to unlock their full potential and bolt towards the goals in their life. But it is equally important to use remedies that are required in your case. If you use something that doesn’t directly impact your ‘negative planet’ then it can lead to fresh problems, that would have to be addressed.

So it is highly recommended that you take advice from a trusted and learned astrologer who uses his skill for good.

Finally, one must also understand, that astrology is not a magic and if one doesn’t put in any effort for the improvement of his or her life, then you can hope to see major changes through remedies.

In the next article, we cover 7 ways in which astrology can help your career. Fell free to share your thoughts, about this article in the comments, and do share this article with your friends and family.

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